LiquidToolbar™ Command Reference

Notes This is the command reference guide for the LiquidToolbar™.

Contains TclBridge™ technology by Joseph Mistachkin. Copyright © 1999-2008 by Joseph Mistachkin. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Basic Commands The following commands deal with toolbar commands and their attributes:

con_toolbar #about
Name about
Description Returns the version information for the application.
Input None.
Output Argument psStatus, which must contain either the name and version of the plugin or an error message describing the reason the plugin name and version cannot be obtained.
Returns Must return non-zero for success, zero on failure.
Notes It is highly recommended for the plugin to display a dialog box containing the plugin name and version when this method is called. The information returned in argument psStatus is primarily for use by Tcl scripts, whereas the dialog box presents this information to the end-user.